Asus Prime X299 Deluxe Motherboard why not check here Asus Prime X299 Deluxe – Unboxing

Back in May 2017 Intel unveiled the successor of X99 platform, the new HEDT platform based on the X299 Chipset sporting the LGA 2066 socket. During Computex 2017 all major motherboard vendors presented their offerings on the X299 platform. Asus launched a few boards based on the new platform. Today we have one of their mainstream flagship product, Asus Prime X299 Deluxe with us.

This board belongs to the Prime family which does not focus specifically on Overclocking and Gaming like the ROG and Strix family respectively. The Prime series is more focused towards people who want latest features but at a reasonable price and don’t necessarily need to extra Overclocking specific features. As you must have realized, functionality along with features is what Prime series is all about.

The box sports the traditional Black box with a nice shot of the motherboard itself and also showcases unique features through logos/emblems of different technologies.

Inside the main black box, the motherboard itself is housed in a white cardboard box to ensure optimal protection and is also easier to remove and access the accessories which are in the lower compartment.

The board follows a Black/Grey/Silver/White colour theme which is very pleasing to look at. With this board, Asus have introduced an unique feature where in you have a LCD display which can show information like CPU temperature, Booting status, etc. which programmable through a software.

Even though this cool feature has been added, it is good to see that Asus did not skimp on the conventional POST code LED.

The presence of 1 x 8 Pin and 1 x 4 Pin CPU power connectors indicates that this board will power the new CPUs without any hiccups and to some extent mild overclocking is also doable provided the cooling is good enough. For extreme overclocking though, it is better to look at the ROG series.

The big PCH heatsink also offers heatsink cooling for M.2 NVMe SSD which has become a trend these days since most of the M.2 NVMe SSDs suffer from throttling issues because of heat.

Apart from the usual accessories like SATA cables, M.2 mounting nuts and screws, Rear IO Shield, etc. we find 802.11ac Wi-Fi antenna, Asus EX III Thunderbolt card, Thunderbolt cable, external fan extender/splitter, SLI Bridges. Bundling the Thunderbolt card is a nice touch and justifies the price this board carries.

We have thoroughly tested this motherboard and have test results which we shall be posting very soon.

Stay tuned!

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