AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920X CPU

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AMD Ryzen Threadripper marks AMD’s entry into the HEDT aka High End Desktop segment after a very long time. After tasting success with the Mainstream Ryzen R7, R5 & R3, AMD is looking for another round of success with Threadripper.

As of now AMD has launched 3 models in the Threadripper line-up, 1900X (8 Core/ 16 Thread), 1920X (12 Core / 24 Thread), 1950X (16 Core / 32 Thread). Today we have with us the mid variant which is the 1920X.


This is the most unusual packaging we have seen in a very long time for a CPU. Considering the fact that these CPUs do not come with a Stock cooler, the box is massive just for the CPU.

The packaging is very unique, feels as if you are unpacking some serious hi tech gadget or something. Impressive from a marketing perspective!

Manual is tucked away neatly in the foam shell.

The actual CPU is firmly secured in this plastic tray and on top of it there is a metal retention bracket to make sure the CPU does not fall off. Next level securing mechanism. Never seen before!

This is how the actual CPU looks like. Please note that the orange plastic bracket is not to be removed as this bracket/cassette itself slides into the socket bracket.

Unlike normal LGA sockets, the TR4 socket needs to be secured by tightening 3 screws and not clamps that we are usually used to. Since the socket is so massive, there are lots of small pins in the socket itself which could easily get damaged if there is excess pressure exerted when we tighten the retention bracket screws. SO how do we know how much pressure is enough? Here is where a torque wrench comes into the picture. Torque wrench as you know is a tool which is used to apply predefined torque so that you avoid applying too much or too less torque. That is precisely why AMD provides every Threadripper CPU with a Torque wrench to make it easy for us to install the CPUs in the motherboards without the need of any special tools. Kudos AMD for this!

We are testing this CPU on the Asus ROG Zenith Extreme Motherboard and would soon be sharing performance results/scores. Stay tuned because the fun has just begun!

Thank You, Team OC Inc.


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