OC Inc was started by a group of 4 hardware enthusiasts, buy provigil amazon Shatul aka ‘Toolius’, buy priligy in india online Amey aka ‘Darky’ , other Rishi aka ‘Bikey’ and Moksh aka ‘Cyberwarfare’. The idea behind starting OC Inc was very simple, there are many very good review sites but seldome do they delve into the intricacies of Overclocking or tuning PC Hardware.

Our focus is not on doing lengthy boring Reviews but to provide precise and useful information specific to Overclocking,tuning,optimization of PC hardware for enthusiasts.

Shatul aka ‘Toolius’ runs his own business under the name ‘Compkraft’ who specializes in building high end workstations for various applications like Audio/Video editing, content creation, Storage solutions, custom liquid cooled PCs and much more. Many well known personalities from the Indian Film Industry are their esteemed clients. Apart from his business, he is an avid music creator and also a world renowned and top ranked Overclocker.

Amey aka ‘Darky’ runs his family business which specializes in temporary warehousing solutions using Steel Super Structure and recently has also started a new venture called ‘Gtek’ which focuses on providing custom built,application specific and optimized workstations, gaming PCs, Home entertainment PC, and much more. Amey is one of oldest Overclockers in India who has also participated in couple of internation competitions and even today pursues sub zero overclocking for passion.

Rishi aka ‘Bikey’ used to work for Asus India in the capacity of Technical PR. Being a hardcore enthusiast, it is no surprise that he loved working in Asus, almost like a kid in a candy store.  Having taken some time off, he still spends time testing hardware, benchmarking, playing games and so on.

Moksh aka ‘Cyberwarfare’ is a young and talented person who works in the Finance Industry. Before getting busy with his job, he used to be a full time PC enthusiast, reviewing hardware, playing games, learning and understanding storage solutions and technologies and ofcourse overclocking!
These days he doesn’t get much time because of his day job but still he remains an integral part of this team.